Jan. 22, 2016

So I still haven’t written a non-blog related word this week. I should probably feel bad about that, but I’ve given myself a pass for the rest of January (in that, writing is good, but I’m not setting up any goals for the next week).

February will be a different story; in fact, all of 2016 is going to be more goal oriented for my writing. I have set word goals for each month, with the hopes of hitting, at year end, 200,000 words (including the 2 nano camps and November’s 50k). Which frankly seems ridiculously ambitious at the moment, but I have hopes. At the same time, I know that the goal is really small in comparison to what most writers produce, but that’s okay. I’m going to settle for what I think is manageable.

One of the problems I’ve run into for word counting (which is my metric, lol) is that in Scrivener, you open a ‘novel’, and then within it create documents. I’ve been having a harder time keeping track of my daily word count because I have been saving per scene, not per day. Sigh. I think I will open a new Scrivener file each month, and save myself some hassle; I can always create even more files later, collating each story into one proper file.

I swear, I’m not as obsessive as I sound*.

I’ve had some new story ideas start to pop up again; not sure if they’ll stay ‘new’, or get worked into a current story. Which is an interesting idea; maybe I should see which stories can be mixed together, and which can’t. My list of to-be-written stuff is huge; I’d love to find a way to make it shorter (I’ve already tossed the weird teen fan fiction into the ‘dear gods, why!?!’ pile).

I’m a bit nervous about this year’s goal, to be honest. I usually flake out at some point. And yet, isn’t it better to go out and try? This is my ‘think big’ attempt, and I hope the results are good.

Ruins – Environment Sketch by JJcanvas




*I’m probably as obsessive as I sound.






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