Fine tuning

As much fun as it has been to just write scenes, I’m beginning to feel the lack of narrative flow (not a surprise, lol). It’s one of those situations where what’s good for nanowrimo isn’t always good the rest of the year. I’m also carrying style between different stories, and I don’t like it; I want each one to have it’s own voice, not mimic each other.


So I’m trying to find the right balance; how many stories can I have going at the same time, and not lose my sense of direction and theme? I have several in my head right now that also seem to be going fairly smoothly. Sort of; one is being a real bastard and won’t start right. Am I starting the story too early? Too much exposition? Lol, probably.

Jennifer Crusie’s writing blog gave me a little gift yesterday; if readers find you opening boring, cut three chapters and start from there. The way this one story is stuttering, I’m gonna have to give in and start later in the story, sort of preemptively cutting the opening chapters.

A second story is flowing really well, up to a point. I hit a bit of a wall, which was when I started feeling anxious and blue. I’d also been spreading my writerly energies a bit thin, so when other pushes in my life came to shove, I started falling down.

Anyway. I’m looking at three, maybe four main stories to work on. The bastard-won’t-start story (a modern King Arthur story), the semi-smooth story (a modern vampire* story), my july nano (weird west); there’s a couple of candidates for #4, but we’ll see. I might instead put my Sons of Eld story in that slot for revising & editing**. I’ve never done revision before; at least I’d have a lot to blog about!

Castle of Dreams by  yanadhyana



*Yes, I still think the vampire genre is drying up. Fortunately for me, I’m not publishing, so who cares?

**It still isn’t finished, but I can’t work up the enthusiasm to write more till the rest of it is fixed.


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