Jan. 4, 2016

Wow, is it really four days into the new year? Seems like nanowrimo was just yesterday!

I’m focusing on finishing blog posts again, as I figure that a blog post is *almost* as good as story writing. Help would be nice; if there’s any tropes, genres, books you think I should rant or rave about, that could really help. I’ve got my own ideas, but inspiration is always nice!

And I’m very annoyed with myself; there’s a book sitting in my brain that I read and partially loathed, but I can’t remember it’s name! I refuse to diss a book if I can’t even remember the name or who wrote it; that’s just rude.

I think I’ll probably also balance out the book rants with a few raves. Sort of keep myself from dwelling too deeply in snarky negativity, which would probably get into my own writing, and then where would I be? Dissing my own stories, that’s where.

Have some more art, as I seemed to have stopped finding nice pics after nano finished; gotta make up for that, pronto!

Fusion by rajewel.


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