Things that kept me from writing

This week it included:

  • finishing Jessica Jones
  • letting kidlets do homework on my computer*
  • video games
  • sleeping in

And yes, none of these are actually good reasons not to write. I’m afraid I just didn’t want to enough. I thought about it, thought about stories and scenes, but getting them actually down never happened.

I’ve also had some anxiety issues in the last week, which was probably a part of it. I’m getting over that, slowly, as I figure out what to do about the thoughts that triggered the anxiety. Strangely, these weren’t holiday related anxiety things. As I said to some friends, I enjoy the build-up to xmas**, but don’t actually enjoy the holiday itself all that much, so I let myself just enjoy the parts I do like and have no expectations for the rest of the actual holidays; it makes things much more relaxed.


*Some homework was actually done, too!

**There are no Christians in my family, so there’s also no religious element for us. It’s all about the Season of Giving, which has it’s own complications.


2 thoughts on “Things that kept me from writing

  1. I don’t know if this is remotely helpful, but – writing isn’t a chore. Or shouldn’t be, at least. It’s not a job being done for pay, so to me there’s something slightly amiss about feeling bad for not writing, or like it should take precedence over the fact of having a life to live – and one that involves other people, too. Is it the dreaded Protestant Work Ethic that’s poisoned so much of our cultures? The notion that one should “work hard” even with leisure activities and things done for pleasure? I don’t mean making the effort to learn and gain skills, but the whole way it turns so many pastimes into – as a mutual friend once described it – an “oh great, another thing to add to my list of things I have to make time for.”

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    • I think some of it is the work ethic, but a lot of it is a vicious cycle of avoiding doing something I really enjoy because I don’t deserve to do it (I has issues), then get my act together and do it until again I stop.

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