NaNoWriMo: The Memoirs – 2011

This  has been the hardest year to remember, even though it wasn’t all that long ago, strictly speaking.Participant2_180_180_white

I didn’t keep up on my livejournal in 2011, making exactly one entry, lol, and the other blog I had started at blogger was fairly empty too. What the hell was I up to in 2011?

Fortunately I never delete emails, so I could at least get a picture of 2011 from what I sent out that year, lol. I had been going out a bit more than normal (I’m a happy hermit generally), working in an office as an actual employee (rather than a contract worker), and involved with general life stuff. It was kind of a good year, in many ways. I also got a G+ invite (back when this was a thing), and spent way too much time on it.

For nanowrimo, I switched stories a few times right up until the start, then went with a story I’d only recently come up with. It went as it usually does, lol, linear writing up until I’ve lost the plot, gone off the rails and into Stupid territory. From what I can tell, also as per usual, some of it is salvageable, some not so much.

One thing I will note; the pressure of nano can force some really great ideas from the brain. I’d been a bit stuck on a few issues in the story, and I managed to get around them with fresh bursts of genius* that would never have occurred to me without the time restraints of nano.

winnerI finished up November 27 with 51,163 words, at which point I happily closed the file and went back to not writing a single word.

Sigh. So many bad habits. I’m getting better now, but oh, the silliness of all the wasted years!


*trust me, when a work-around for a gigantic plothole occurs to you when you’ve all but given up, it counts as genius.

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