Stupid WP

For some reason, even though I will have updated a draft over time, when I go to publish it, it posts it from the date it was first created.

Grrrr. Arrgh.

I’ve moved my recent post up to today, but I find it really annoying to have to do it in the first place!


EDIT: so apparently, if you use the ‘quick edit’ feature on the dashboard, the ‘immediately’ publishing option goes away. Foolish WP.

2 thoughts on “Stupid WP

  1. Great pic. Oh, it’s the one thing about WP that I can’t fathom. Hell, I spent two days trying to move a draft post that was created a month ago up to the present. It was weird. I think I finally copied the thing into Word, then totally deleted the initial draft post, THEN, pasted the copy into a NEW post blank…gaaaa. It was weird. But, still, I love that pic!

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