Dec. 16, 2015

Surprisingly enough, I have actually been writing. One story is managing to stick in my head, so I’ve been writing for a couple of nights now (and I do mean nights, I’m staying up too late writing. šŸ˜¦

Biggest pet peeve; having to write filler stuff that I didn’t think of when I was imagining the scene. Things like, where people are sitting or standing. How the MC is managing to stuff food in her face at the same time as begrudgingly sharing some of her back story. What the other people in the room are doing.

Also, why do my characters keep frowning and nodding? I wish I could find a different way to describe this sort of thing. Something to save for the editing, I guess.

I also keep thinking, shit, is SSS’s reaction authentic? Maybe I need to add a bit to that section… Is my MC swearing too much? Probably…

This time round, I’m doing urban fantasy with werewolves and vampires*. It’s been a lot of fun!

At world’s end by RHADS (go to the site and zoom in, this art is amazing)



*I generally really despise vampires in fiction; 85% of the time they’re too often ‘misunderstood sexy sweeties’, so it always amuses me when I find myself writing about them.


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