Give me something to sing about


I’m trying to decide what series of things to post about next; it’s good to have a subject, or a concept. I’ve written tonnes about NaNoWriMo, it’s sort of the heart of what I blog about. And anxiety, but that’s sort of a ‘here’s where I’m at’ kind of thing or random thoughts I’ve had on the subject.

Serial things I’m still doing: fav/hated tropes (they’re usually both at the same time, lol), finishing my nano memoirs, things that derail my plot, and things that distract me.

Adding for sure: reports on what I’m learning about the art of editing, now that I’m finally starting to dabble in re-writing rough drafts.

Tempted to write about: books/series I hate and why. Not sure if I will do this, as only some of my loathing has to do with literary reasons; some things I am irritated by are quite well written, but I hate them for other reasons.


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