2016 Resolutions #1

Looking beyond the holiday season to the new year, I’m trying to give myself goals for writing, both fiction and blogging. I dislike the actual idea of New Year’s Resolutions, as there’s such a long history of failures there*.

Instead I’m just calling them goals, but titling this and any future posts with the scary ‘R’ word because it sounds fancier, lol.

So far, I have:

  • Finish the 18  20 partially written blog posts I have sitting in draft. I like having spare posts ready for the days when I don’t feel up to writing; I’ve done it before, and want to again.
  • Try to post daily; I’ve already posted so much more on this blog than any other I’ve ever tried, and I want to keep it up! Even when I fail at this, as I inevitably have weeks where I will only post once, I’ll still have more posts than I would have without the goal.
  • Work on my fiction daily. This includes character sketches, outlines, plot development, and background writing, as well as actually writing out the story. DOES NOT INCLUDE: surfing the web for images, thinking about stories, reading blogs about writing, or answering email**.

I love the Postmodern Jukebox stuff on youtube, but more than that, I’ve become addicted to Puddles Pity Party.


*I’ve broken every single resolution ever. So have most people, if you believe media. It’s its own trope now.

**lying in emails to my relatives about why I forgot to reply sooner doesn’t count as working on my fiction. Even when it’s particularly creative.


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