The allure of blogging

Blogging instead of writing is incredibly seductive to my brain. Why spend the time developing a story arc that will cover thousands of words, when I can just write a few little paragraphs and call it done?

Also, blog posts have to have their own rhythm and flow; I suppose I could just blurt out random thoughts and post it, but that seems kinda  silly to me. That’s what twitter is for!

But the most tempting part of blogging instead of writing is that it doesn’t involve 80,000+ consecutive words, all building and intertwined to lead to a climatic conclusion. Kitten pics will do just as well in a blog.

I worry that I will replace fiction writing with blog writing. I know this is a fairly silly concern; Hi there Anxiety, nice of you to visit! I worry about stuff. I worry about dumb stuff. I worry about things that have nothing to do with me personally. I worry about the frighteningly huge issues that do exist in my life. I just have to accept it, and move on. Writing fiction, writing blog posts, whatever words move me to be written.

I have to ignore the random brain scrambles, because blogging allows me to put my thoughts about writing in some sort of coherent order, so I can look at what is true, and not true, about my writing. I can see the patterns within what I write better this way; kept as a thought, the perception might just disappear under the piles other thoughts, but when captured in electronic ink, it’s there for me to see.

Lots of writers never really care about why they write; that’s fine! I’m just not one of them. Today is Wednesday, have a cat pic:


3 thoughts on “The allure of blogging

  1. Thank you for the cat pic.
    And I hear you so much on the blogging vs. “real” writing! That’s why my blog posts have been somewhat sparse lately – when I use up all my words on writing or editing fiction, there aren’t any left for blogging. And vice versa. It’s the old balance thing again – sigh…
    But don’t worry about “replacing writing with blogging”. Blogging *is* writing. It’s all about putting coherent thoughts on paper (screen) in expressive words. All words are good words…

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