Fiddling a bit

I only wish I could actually fiddle.


I’ve been tweaking the blog options, adding a contact form & my fav authors list to the pull down menu, archives to the 2nd pull down menu, and a category thingy to the sidebar. I also categorized ever last dammed post, because otherwise it’d be really useless to put the thingy in.

And before you ask ‘why’; I’m bored and avoiding writing. Why else? And yes, I know most people don’t actually visit blogs when they read them; I use the WP reader & email for the most part myself. But I like having things ‘just so’, it’s a comfort thing.

3 thoughts on “Fiddling a bit

  1. Dang, after “reading all of the above” I wanna do that too! The fact is I’m waaay to lax when it comes to dressing up the ol blog. I remember, in fact, when I got my FIRST response from somebody and it said “so and so LIKED your “About.” I stared at it…wha…? My, About? I didn’t know what the “About” wuz. How pitiful is that? Of course I figured it out after a few minutes of deep pondering…. SO! I can’t fiddle either, so maybe I’ll follow your lead. Thanks jangled!

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