Multiple takes

I was trying to write a specific scene yesterday, but it kept going sideways. Too much exposition (which lead to me posting about exposition), too much derailment, too much stuff that just didn’t work.

So today at work I was tired and bored, so I wrote on my breaks. The first one, which was yet another take on the same damned scene had a bit better flow, but it still wasn’t working.

2nd break, I skipped ahead in the story and ta-da! it was flowing. Sadly, 15 minutes isn’t a lot of time to write.

I am still carrying a lot of writing beliefs that are not helping me. Insisting on starting at the beginning (rather than just writing what’s in my head) is one of them.

But one of the pluses of writing outside of nanowrimo is that I no longer feel like I need to finish the story asap. Now it’s okay to try a scene over and over again. I get frustrated, but only because it isn’t working right, not because I need it to work so I can get on to the next bit as quickly as possible.

2 thoughts on “Multiple takes

  1. Yah, I do the same thing. I HAVE to start at the danged beginning. Once I jumped a whole bunch of scenes and started writing. Then I couldn’t get back to the “not written yet beginning scenes.” I kept pretending they were already done. It was weird. I finally put the whole mess aside. It’s still waiting.

    But hey, I think you’re right after nonowrimo, you have to be going through some deep psycho writing issues…I guess. 🙂

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  2. I think it has a lot to do with the intent you have when you start writing. When I write with the idea of getting the whole story down, beginning to end, I have to write linearly, which means I get mad at myself when I leave stuff out.

    But when I write with the intent to get bits down, allowing them to exist on their own, then my mental attitude toward the story is changed. I can hop around, do re-writes, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

    Lol, and I’m ALWAYS going through some deep philopopsical* writing issues. It’s part of why I write!

    *fluffy, offbeat, whimsical thoughts about things.


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