Dec. 6, 2015

I wrote last night! It was hard to get started again, without the push of nanowrimo wordcount needs, but it was done. A thousand words, which seems pretty tiny after nano, but it’s still a nice chunk.

Still sticking with scenes from different stories. I’m a bit annoyed with it, as I wrote exposition for the most part, but on the plus side, I have an idea now of how to start the story properly, with a conversation over breakfast, where the MC will explain her situation instead. Show, don’t tell. It’s sometimes harder to start off with that. Another reminder to me that waiting till the scene is perfect in my head is silly. Write, and sometimes the scene will arrive later.

I’ve also got another story scene begging to be written, so at least I know what I’ll be writing tonight; a bit of last night’s new scene, and the new story that wants to get it’s share of the writing limelight.

Chimera by CanisAlbus



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