Post Nano: What comes next?

Deciding to write scenes rather than entire stories has been a revelation for me.

So I’m going to try doing that, a bit every day or so, instead of sticking to one story through thick or thin. This doesn’t mean the stories will never get told, but it’s going to be far more of a piecemeal process than I’d ever imagined myself doing.

On the plus side, I know at least one professional writer does this. This is comforting, not because I want to publish, but because the stories clearly do get finished; how else could they be published professionals?

Right now, I admit, I’m being lazy and not writing anything. I am thinking about plots and stuff, seeing how different stories might fit into the same story universe, etc. But writing? Not a word.




2 thoughts on “Post Nano: What comes next?

  1. This works for me. I tend to find scene ideas (and usually good ones) tend to pop into my head quite randomly, and ought to be gotten down quickly. One can always brush them up and edit for continuity later. That being said, I find my writing really starts to grind when I have no more spontaneous scene ideas, and I just have to find ways to link up what is there.


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