Thoughts on a decade of NaNoWriMo

I wrote my first nano in 2005. That makes this my tenth year and uh, eleventh nano novel. The site had delightfully informed me that I have written a total of 518,487 words over the years. It’s kind of mindboggling.

So, thinking over it, it’s kind of neat and weird at the same time. My kidlets have spent their entire childhoods with a mom who takes a month ‘off’ every year to write. It’s like a family tradition now, and it would probably weirder for them if I didn’t spend every November writing every day.

It’s also become rather boring for friends and family; ‘Oh, won again, that’s nice’. I can’t hold it against them; just because I find it fun and exhilarating doesn’t mean everyone else should.

I can’t explain why I still love it so. Why I will continue to do it every year until they either stop holding it, or I die (preferably of old age).




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