Nano 2015 – Nov. 22 (part 2)


So, first day of the new nano experiment went well. I picked a story, and wrote a scene. 2000 words came out, and yay, it was easy to write. No drag, no feelings of doing something wrong (which was how I was beginning to feel about my original story).

I think I did manage to disappoint my mother, as she dreams of me finishing and publishing a novel, but then, I sometimes think mothers (of a certain age/generation) seem to be built that way.

At some point, well after nano, I’m going to start revamping the story’s MC, as well as the storyline, and get to writing it fresh. When I have the time; nanowrimo doesn’t have that sort of leisure time built into it. It’ll join my weird west story as a WIP. That’ll give me a couple of things to work on during 2016!

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