Nano 2015 – Nov.18


Let’s see. Lack of sleep not fun, but still got through day fairly well, aside from one panic attack (not writing related, thankfully). It occurs to me that, when I get too focused, too wound up in something, there’s always a price to pay. This time it wasn’t too bad; minor panic attack at work, got through it and got on with my day.

When I sat down to write tonight, it was pretty good too. No anxiety. Just writing. Still, I have to keep better track of my health. I always crash post-nano, do nothing but watch TV and read my faves for a few weeks. I’m probably going to crash again after this nano, but I like to think of it as a vacation, lol.

My only writing frustration right now is the scenes all have too much stuff in them! How do I write it all before the end of November? This Sunday, I think, I’ll have to seriously consider skipping a lot more than one or two scenes, if I want to reach the actual finale.  Which means a lot more writing after nano if I want to get the whole thing done. And that doesn’t include editing and rewrites.



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