I don’t read a ton of writer blogs, but I generally like Scalzi’s blogging style, so I read it regularly; also, he posts a lot of ARC* stuff & lightly promotes new books (some sound awesome, some ‘meh’).

Anyway, he posted about the Goodreads Choice Awards, well, three posts, actually, and in the third he encourages folks to *not* vote for him, because he’s pretty happy with his good stuff quota for 2015.

I can see why people find this annoying. Because it’s a tad patronizing; ‘I’m full up, so share the wealth with books that aren’t *quite* as good as mine’.

Uh huh.

Anyway, I thought it was amusing, because I’d read the first post, gone to the Goodreads site, seen a book I loved**, and voted for it, and voted for it again in the Final Round. Because as much as I enjoy his blog, I just can’t work up enthusiasm for his books.

Oh, and the voting is still open, tons of categories. Go vote!


*ARCs are advanced reader copies. I not infrequently buy eARCs of my favourite writers. Thankfully that’s only a handful, lol.

**Ancillary Mercy. Cuz awesomeness.

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