So I’ve been doing some basic math, as I haven’t been paying too much attention to how long each scene is, my main criteria being that it comes in around the total word count I was aiming for, often with a bit extra.

Today, since I’m sitting at 32k, I decided to do a quick check, to see how ‘on schedule’ I am.

With 18,000 words left to write, and 14 scenes to write, a bit of division shows that as 1286(ish) words per scene. I’m a wordy bastard, and I’m not sure I can keep it that ‘slim’. Plus, the most recent scene is one I’m very hazy on, so I could probably skip it for now. That gives me… 1384 words per scene. Still really thin.

So. New rules. 1400 per scene*. If I can’t ‘see’ it, skip it. Get to the ending by Nov. 28. Then go back and fill in to make up my wordcount if I’m short.

My goal is to finish the dammed thing. I may want to write more later; I’ll definitely edit it to make it all work. I may even eventually write the rest of the story arc. But right now, it’s about using my words wisely, because I can.


*Since I tend to write 1800 – 2000 words a day during nano, this is about a scene and a half a day. Which is also annoying; have you ever tried to write half a scene?




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