Nano 2015 – Nov. 13 – 15


So I got a bit behind on blogging. I’m still here, just busy with writing and stuff.


I was at a point where I knew exactly what was happening next. Yay! However, it was a sex scene, and my computer is in the livingroom (screen facing outward), with kidlets everywhere. Sooo, I had to wait till they all went to bed. Which, because we were watching tv together, meant I had to wait longer (apparently quality family time is still a thing during nano; who knew?). Right at normal bedtime, they decided to put in Pacific Rim. So still had kidlets in livingroom. Plus, Pacific Rim! I didn’t even start writing till after midnight*. Finished around 2 am.

Nov. 14

Slept in and missed the in person write-in. Sigh. I felt a little guilty, but since I slept in due to late-night writing, I’m not that sad. Plus, I prefer meetups to write-ins; I am not all that creative when I’m away from my little writing area. Anyway, didn’t start writing till after 8 pm, but I got a ton done. Yay!

Nov. 15

French homework (not mine) and actual housework (mine) had to get done, so I haven’t written yet today. However, since I’m sitting at about 300 words short of being ahead by 2 days, I’m feeling pretty okay with that. Going to write now, I’m feeling the flow, even though it’s mostly exposition crap that will probably need to be edited to hell and back after nano.

goblin by Ketka


*Good to know; if you tell the teenagers you’re gonna write sex stuff, it’s amazing how quickly they’ll clear out of the room.


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