In too deep

Part of the ability to write is to get deeply immersed in the story. You know your characters like they were your friends and family. But even more, you know where they are going, and what will happen to them when they get there.

This is sometimes a handicap.

This particular novel was intended to be a one off. My motivation for picking it was to get the dammed thing written all the way through (plus it seemed less full of crap than my other old nanos), and move on to the dozens of other story ideas I have.

The problem that I have now is that I’m seeing the story arc, and it doesn’t end with at the end of the novel. This is very annoying. Did I mention the dozens of other stories, waiting their turn? Unfortunately, knowing that hasn’t turned off my brain, and already I’m getting ideas for a follow up. Or two.


Of course, there’s been all sorts of strange and new developments in what I thought was a plot I knew through and through. That’s the fun of continuing on 7 years after I last wrote any of it. And it is actually fun. Who knew?



*Spellcheck suggests that this should actually be ‘Greg’. I don’t know why it would be more appropriate to growl ‘Greg’ instead of just, I don’t know, growling. Is there a Greg meme I don’t know about?




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