Blogging vs Forums

I was thinking about how most years I spend a lot of time in the nanowrimo forums, but this year, other than brief check ins in my regional forum, I’ve not felt the need. Which struck me as odd, until I realized that this year, for the first time, I’m blogging about nano as I write it (duh). All the thoughts I have are going here, and between that, reading certain blogs, and actually writing my nano, I just don’t have time for more.

Do I miss it? A little bit. There’s a lot more interaction to a forum; it’s the very nature of the beast. And there’s something about being able to pour out your heart there, and knowing that not only will at least one other person ‘get it’, but that after a year, it’s all deleted. Kind of rebirth of the phoenix sort of thing.

The blog posts will exist for as long as I keep this blog, and I don’t have a history of remembering to go back and delete stuff, lol*. Which is cool, too; I mean, this isn’t exactly deathless prose, but I will probably come back and read this someday, and it will be fun to revisit.

This is Manticore, by Flying-Fox


*I have left a scattering of blogs all over the web, pretty much since the days of geocities.


2 thoughts on “Blogging vs Forums

  1. I’ve never gotten into forums. I can’t seem to converse in that setting, instead of just writing something, I get all nervous about how it will be received. But I’ve been enjoying reading about your progress.

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