Nano 2015 – Nov. 11


After the marathon of the night before, I managed to get up fairly early in the morning, and keep writing. I’d boast, but frankly, I was still in zombie mode. I’d also been getting lots of RL interruptions, which is never good when you’ve had too little sleep and have a desperate need to write. So after 1000 words, I gave up and went back to bed for a nap.

I did loads more writing in the evening, right up until the witching hour, and ended up a ‘day’ ahead, always something to feel good about.

I am a bit concerned, as I said… yesterday? (days begin to blur) about reaching 50k with what I have plotted out. I’ve hit the halfway mark in the novel outline, but I’m 5k words short of the actual amount that should come to. Admittedly, I skipped some scenes fairly early on, because I didn’t have them worked out in my head. And I’m continuing to skip them, as I’m on a roll, the next scene is beating at me to get it written as well as the one after that. The two scenes I skipped still need to be figure out, but even if I did, they’d still fall short by about 2000 words. Sigh. On the plus side, I also have a scene that needs to be added to the chapters I wrote back in 2008. I have yet to write it, since it occurred to me too close to November, so I might hold that in reserve for reaching 50k.

On the anxiety front, I’m doing fairly well. Being sick with the cold sort of kept that from being too distracting, I guess. Though it might have played a role in staying up too late writing. I’m not going to poke at it, unless it starts poking at me!


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