Nano 2015 – Nov. 10

14,731/50,000 (but really 17,074/50,000)

I spent most of the day drugged up on cold meds (again, lol), but this time they either worked, or else I was just feeling that much better, because in the evening I started writing, and kept writing till 2 in the morning. Which admittedly, doesn’t do me a lot of good with staying on my weekly sleep/work schedule, but hell, NaNoWriMo only comes once a year after all, and Wednesday was our Remembrance Day, so I could sleep in a bit the next morning.  Since 2 am is after midnight, my wordcount added to Nov. 11, but as it was all in one ‘evening’, I’m counting it as 17,074 by the time I went to bed.

I’ve hit a section in Chapter 11 that is supposed to subtly include hints and details for later chapters, so readers would theoretically hit Chapter 16 and go ‘ah-ha!’ and flip back to this section to confirm their suspicions. Sadly, nano doesn’t really lend itself well to subtle, so I’m just going ahead and ignoring this, and hopefully I’ll remember later to go back and add stuff. So much to do with the 2nd draft!

My scenes are also thinner than I expected, so I may just hit the end of my novel and not hit 50,000. Not a huge deal (it’ll still be over 44,000), so it’ll be easy enough to either go back and add stuff, or to write up a short story related tale to fill in the wordcount gaps.

And I have to again thank the universe that I’m using Scrivener. It has a thing called ‘Inspector’, which is a little “I” button in the upper right corner. It opens up a section that will give you info, notes you’ve made, and any synopsis you’ve written about the scene you’re writing. Very handy; I’ve put a note in here to add the subtle plot hints I’ll need later on!


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