Nano 2015 – Nov.6


Head cold is still going strong. Dammit. I find myself worrying that anything I write will be utter crap, but am working through that. First of all, it’s a rough draft; it could be 90% crap and it’d still be fairly fixable. I don’t think I’d mind that. Secondly, I always think what I write during nano is crap; it’s sort of a thing I do. And generally, I’m only 50% right. Lastly, I’ve written nano scenes while on my third glass of wine (or first & only glass of absinthe) and they were entirely fixable, sometimes even good.

So long as I don’t rush, it will be okay. And since rushing with a cold is very difficult, I’m almost obliged to be okay.

I am also sad because I really wanted to use the word ‘discombobulate’, but it wasn’t from the time period I’m emulating.

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