Nano 2015 – Nov. 3


I know, I should have posted last night, but by the time I finished writing I was too tired, lol.

I struggled my way through a scene without over writing it. Yay, me! It’s actually a bit longer than I needed, but that’s fine. I was able to cut myself off before I let it either derail or become convoluted.

It still feels weird to be shaping the story in small bits, letting a scene go even if it feels unfinished, so I can have time to write the next. I’m used to polishing as I go, probably a bad habit I picked up in university, where I wrote all of my essays at the last possible moment (often finishing in the wee hours of the night so I could hand it in in the morning). And that was back in the day you had to print everything up and hand it in; I can’t imagine how last minute my work would be now.


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