Nano 2015 – Nov. 2


Today has not been a great writing day.

Yesterday I hit a bit of a wall, in that I found that the plot outline I’d done left out the fact that I’d not really thought out the first few bits. Sigh. I have a really good idea of what happens about 4 scenes later, and a whole bunch after that, but not the very beginning.

Normally, what I’d do was write whatever random crap I could think of to fill in the blanks, but this year I swore to myself I’d write better, so I decided to skip some scenes. Which is a lot easier to say than do, lol.

In case you’re wondering how I do this, I’m using scrivener for the most part, and the way it’s set up makes creating separate scenes really easy. For saving outside of scrivener (or if I wasn’t going to use it), I’m simply creating a new document for each scene, and labelling it. ‘Chapter 1a’, ‘Chapter 1b’, etc. That way it’s really easy to find the bits I’m skipping, for later writing.

Tomorrow at lunch I’m going to do a bit of brainstorming for the upcoming, semi-plotted scenes, writing out quick sketches of what I want to write tomorrow night (I work during the day, which makes nano’ing an evening event). Then when I get home, I can just glance at that and go.

Or else skip a few more scenes. Ugh. It feels like I’m failing, but that’s just because I’m not used to writing this way. Not for Nano. Every year I write linearly, and every year I fail to finish the story.

Not this year! This year I will be smart! I will be strong! I will finish the dammed thing!

Time to refresh the brain. Here’s some artwork I used as inspiration in 2013. Click on it to go to the artist’s deviantart.


2 thoughts on “Nano 2015 – Nov. 2

  1. That is a beautiful artwork. 🙂 I hope it sets your imagination racing…

    I used to write strictly linear, but that did leave me very vulnerable to prolonged writer’s block. For the last one, I wrote key scenes that I could picture fairly clearly (including the end) out of order, linked them up by degrees, and edited them all for continuity. It worked a lot better for me.

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    • I’m trying to do this, I just really suck at it. In my head, my inner critic says it should be like watching a movie, starting at the beginning, and moving swiftly to an awesome ending. Even though I know movies definitely aren’t filmed that way, it’s still in my head like that.

      I loved that painting, it put great ideas in my head, but that nano, I didn’t even get as far as that bit (I managed to write the intro and a tonne of train scenes, on the way to the freaking castle, but never actually arrived!). That’s an example of why I’m determined to actually follow the plot this year!

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