A truth about Nano

I know we’ve only just begun, but I thought I’d offer an important reminder.

Someone you know will *always* have a higher wordcount than you.

Someone else will have a lower word count.

Do not look at the one with the higher wordcount and panic, then give up. Some people just write really fast, and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

Just write. You are doing awesome at the pace you’re at. Your novel is yours alone to write, and nobody else can do it.

Have fun!


2 thoughts on “A truth about Nano

  1. I do believe a good novel should practically run ahead of its author, write itself, and thus achieve it’s natural length organically… though the fact that I do seem to clock in at around 100000-120000 words each time would suggest I am still a tad OCD about my wordcounts.

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