Prepping for Nano – Oct. 29

I am soo looking forward to being able to name these posts just “Nano – Nov. X”! I’m tired of feeling like I should be canning preserves, lol.

Based on my epiphany of the other day, I went through my outline, figuring out how many words each little section should be; I have 11chapters, with 3-4 parts each, totaling 34 scenes. Dividing 50,000 by 34 gives me ~ 1470. I rounded that up to 1480 to give me some bonus words, so now I know approximately how long each part should be.

This may seem overly rigid or too precise, but given my tendencies to use my words and time unwisely, this will hopefully be the saving of my story! I can hit 4400 words in, and compare what I’ve written to where I should be; if it’s way off, then I either wrap up or expound more. I know I can always go back after nano and add or delete to my heart’s content; I need to get all the bits done!

Should be interesting.

Note: I had to edit fix the fact that I have 11, not 10, chapters. I ended up splitting the last one up.


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