Prepping for Nano – Oct. 27

I generally try to write some posts ahead of time, in the fond, but generally incorrect hope that I will manage to have a daily post even if I’ve done nothing but read blogs all day. The reality is a pile of one sentence posts that I really, truly meant to finish ASAP weeks ago.


I am, in fact, prepping right now. Only a few more days to go till Nano!!!! (Imagine a great deal of silent squealing).

I’ve printed out the 2nd half of Ch. 6 (which was too long anyway) and am rendering it into bullet points; one for each paragraph. I very briefly describe what is in it, and then a note: Keep, Move, Junk. I’ll do the same for Ch.7, which was as off kilter as I thought it was. My MC needs to grow a dammed spine!

Anyway, this will be posted sometime on the 28th, because I’m fun like that. (So close to midnight, I figured I’d save this for the 28th, in case I forget to finish writing anything else.)


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