Prepping for Nano – Oct.25

Took a few days off of the interwebs, at least from blogging. Sadly, that didn’t stop my brain from plotting, lol.

My biggest problem at this point is that now that I have all the plot points settled and I’m waiting for November, my mind insists on moving on. Like, creating ideas for a second book kind of moving on. Which is annoying, as the main point of finishing this story isn’t to keep going; it would probably be okay, nothing wrong with the story, but I mainly just want to be able to say I actually finished something, lol. I have lots of other stories I want to write first, so hosting a sequel in my head before I’m even done the rough draft of the first is vastly annoying.

I don’t want to concentrate too much on the other stories, either; most of them are written with a different tone, and I don’t want to get caught up in that and fail to start off on the right foot for Nov. 1st.

I guess I’ll just jot down the ideas & new characters, which might get them out of my head for now, and go back to reading random books, and enjoying the last free week I have before the frenzy of November begins!

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