Sometimes killing off characters is therapeutic

I have a coworker who drives me up the wall. This is fairly normal; we have a moderate turnover rate, with one position usually being empty or filled with a trainee.

They are often awful and annoying people, which is why we have a turnover rate; eventually even the manager can’t stand them any longer, and they are fired.

But this one. Argh. Everything said to this person is misunderstood, and often leads to this person bothering me more than usual. Because they always interpret the things I say in exactly the most irritating way possible.

So I’m now going to create a character based on this person, and have them die in my nano novel. It well make me feel less tension, and it is something to look forward to. The character might not resemble the coworker too closely, so as to fit the plot, but they will be there, and I will know it.



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