NaNoWriMo: The Memoirs – 2010

It’s interesting what we do and don’t remember or cherish about a year.

General highlights of 2010: getting a contract job that would use my brand new skills, discovering my all time favourite band*.

General crap of 2010: the job was given to me out of pity by a semi-friend. Lots of anxiety generated by that on top of the normal level, something that would continue for a couple of years, lol.

nanowrimo_participant_02_120x901Anyway, that October I dove back into NaNoWriMo with my usual enthusiasm. I’d decided to write a story idea that had been a contender for 2009; I’d smartly decided to save it for a better year! I dug around till I found my outline, created all the fun stuff like banners & a cover, gave in and did a partial snowflake outline**, and was all ready to go by October 31st.

And despite being up till after midnight, I goofed around in the nano forums instead of writing. 🙂

This was the second year I was writing an urban fantasy, and despite the failure of the previous year, I was quite optimistic. Mostly because I was no longer in classes, and my work was fairly part-time (it was transitioning to an actual, non contract position). Whatever the case, I felt pretty good, had a story I liked, a character that kicked ass, and a solid plotline.

I think I probably spent a little too much time in the nano forums in 2010, which probably hurt my wordcount a little, but kept my spirits up and my brain going. I also did a lot of word wars, sticking with one main partner; we both had similar writing speeds, which made it more fun and less depressing, lol. So, despite some flailing, and once again, AGAIN, failing to get through my plotline, I finished in at 50,025 words.

Things I learned from 2010:

  • interesting main characters are active characters. Most of my MCs up until then had been mostly reactive. And it bothered me. A lot. Only took me five years to figure it out. Yay, me.
  • sex scenes can be great for your wordcount, but end up derailing the actual plot.


**snowflake method, it’s incredibly seductive, lol.

*Marianas Trench


5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: The Memoirs – 2010

  1. Hey, you’re not even close to getting “older,” but you’re definitely getting better. And yeah, the active/reactive issue is tricky for me as well. MCs must react on occasion BUT being active has to be the dominant trait. Somehow. And I agree about sex! In my current novel, I think “wow” here’s a great place for a hot sex scene, but you’re right, it simply stops all action. What a reality check! And I hate to suggest passion…you know like…
    He smiled as he felt her hand unzipping his pants. The same pants he now adjusted as he walked into the bar.

    When I read something like that I go “wha….” It’s a thin line. I think great sex scenes that work in a novel are very, very difficult to write.

    Well enough said. I know I’ve said it once, but what the hell, I’m gonna say it again. Jangled nerves you have a distinctive style…it has the same kind of power that Paula Hawkins shows in her blockbuster novel The Girl on the Train. You keep moving with the writing.

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