Prepping for Nano – Oct. 10

Why did I have to do it? Why?

So I decided I needed to flesh out my villain(s). In the original nano, they were always rather vague, nameless baddies who were pretty much just walking stereotypes. Since that original time, I’ve improved my writing skills a bit, and knew that the villain needed more than that. Especially seeing as the story goes on past the first book, which meant that I needed to know if there would be ripples from this villain’s actions on the the general story line. I don’t know when I’ll get around to writing more in this story line (after I finish this novel), but I don’t want to land myself with future headaches when I could avoid them now.

I started working out motivations, personality, etc. And have found myself adding needing to add more characters! Ones that will last past the finale. Which led to needing to rework other things. Including the main character (she’s awfully shy and retiring for what I need her to do!).

So now I have to:

  • beef up the MC. This will mostly be notes on what to add to earlier bits, I don’t have the time to rewrite the early chapters. Again.
  • sketch out the story arc AGAIN, including the new characters
  • decide if I can avoid writing them, lol
  • do more world building, as some of this stuff relies on certain things being generally true, which can affect other things. I hate the domino effect.

I thought I’d start throwing in some of my favourite (and often inspirational!) art found on deviantart. Click the pic to go to the deviantart page.

Secret Hunters by staje


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