Character’s goals

I’m glad I didn’t give up on a certain writing advice blog.

This post was very good, and something I hadn’t thought of consciously, so I’m definitely going to keep it in mind from now on. I’d figured out the importance of motivation, but not that of the characters having goals.

In case there’s any confusion, goals and motivations aren’t the same thing (at least not for me). Motivation is what drives the character but that they may not consciously be aware of. Goals are the things that they have decided to go after. For example, Sue’s motivation might be revenge against the ones who destroyed her family, but the goal she sets for herself is destroying the business they own.


One thought on “Character’s goals

  1. You know, as simple as the ol motivation/goal business is…I think a lot of folks, including myself, do get it screwed up. Your example is good. It’s easy for a person to start thinking of the revenge as the goal. The goal is where things can get really fun, e.g., She achieves the goal, but ruins her own chances for happiness…or true love, or whatever! Good post!

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