Prepping for Nano – Oct. 3

One of the fun things I like to do for Nano is put together a book cover; the site even has a space in your profile for it! Anyway, since I’m continuing on with a previous nano novel, technically I didn’t have to make one this year. But of course I did.

I came up with several, and am now having a hard time choosing. It’s really only 4 designs, one of which I obviously liked playing with, but I am dithering over which one to go with. Because clearly this is an Important Issue for a book cover that’s pretty much only for my own amusement.

On to the covers!

I couldn’t figure out how to put a number next to the image (it kept erasing the rows), so if you hover over the image, you’ll see what I’ve numbered it.

   The SonsofEld1   SonsofEld

The SonsofEld3   The SonsofEld7

The SonsofEld12   The SonsofEld9

The SonsofEld10   The SonsofEld13

In case anyone is interested, I used amazon’s Canva site; there’s several out there, but I was lazy and picked it at random.


3 thoughts on “Prepping for Nano – Oct. 3

  1. I like #4 with the white font. It’s not too difficult to read. I don’t care for the heavier mixed blocked fonts of # 8 & 9. My favorite is #2. I love the red. It looks great. The explosion of red I the center is really cool. It’s ambiguous enough to be whatever the reader can want it to be…which works with me. #3 does seem to have potential, but the emptiness at the top is a problem for me. The red lettering is a nice contrast to the B&W castle battlements. Don’t do #1. …sorry…my dumb opinion. But very very interesting. And thanks for the heads up regarding Canva site.

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    • I really like #4 too. #3 was tricky, I blanked on where to go with it. Modifying the dammed abbey took forever!

      #2 was actually the first one I did. I wanted to keep playing, now I don’t know which one l like most.

      Lol, #1 seemed like a good idea at the time, but yay, it turned out funky.

      Playing around with cover design is fun, but I get sucked in and lose perspective.

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      • Okay, here’s my two cents worth…maybe not even worth that, lol. Narrow it down to two or three then choose one. And remember, the viewing public never sees the “other” possibilities…so they’ll all love the one you choose! Ha!

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