Prepping for Nano – Oct. 1

I’m so excited it’s October!  The anticipation for nanowrimo, the fun of Hallowe’en, and even my birthday is this month; what’s not to love?

So, on the plus side:

I’ve tweaked chapter 2 because I couldn’t resist, lol. I’m mostly done with 3 & 4, so I’ll get around to posting them on Wattpad soon, and am starting on 5.

I’m starting to get more specific ideas for some of the general events that have to happen in my 2015 outline. A statement that says ‘a magical breech occurs’ is all fine and dandy, but it needs to be a little more specific. And it should tie into the plotline some how; I’m not a fan of random stuff cluttering up the story, even for nanowrimo.

I’m getting a mental picture of the villian; yay!

On the negative side:

The nanowrimo site won’t be updated (they delete all the stuff in the forums, bring the current year’s upcoming nano into place, etc) until October 5th. The 5th! Geez. No point in posting there until it’s all shiny and new. Grumble.

Actually, that’s my only gripe at this point, so that’s pretty good!


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