Prepping for nano – Sept. 25

I’ve managed to get a small amount of prep done despite all attempts to procrastinate. Yay, me!

I’ve gotten Scrivener up and running, pasted in all the stuff I wrote in 2008, and skimmed the story. I wrote 13 chapters, more or less, and thanks to the corkboard feature, I’m getting a feel for the story arc.

The good news: the story reels along fairly well (if with a lot of melodrama; I don’t remember writing so much melodrama!) up until about chapter 6 or 7.

The bad news: it really derails at this point. The main guy is all brooding.The heroine becomes a romantic weeper. Ugh.

                                Just say no to Woe.

It’s incredibly gothic, the kind I usually make fun of. Actually realizing I’ve written this is kinda surreal

I swear to godz, she’s only lacking a wrist to her forehead and some deep sighing.

I shall fix this.

A lot of the deeper elements of the story just weren’t developed prior to the original writing I did; I’ve had Thoughts on the story over the last several years, even when I didn’t consciously realize I’d been tweaking the plot. Now there’s several bits that just don’t fit the direction of the story; they’ll have to go completely. Other bits are awesome, and I’ll have to figure out a way to rework them into the story. Some fit but are complete crap; they’ll have to be rewritten entirely.

Oh, and there’s too much romance in the story. I thought I was aiming for Heyer in tone, but the way it reads, it turned out like Victoria Holt*. While I enjoy having romance and even sexy times in a story**, I don’t like it to be the primary story. So that’s something else that needs to be fixed.


*I looooved Victoria Holt when I was twelve.

**I actually didn’t get to the first dammed sex scene by chapter 13. I hit 50,000 and stopped writing just before getting to it. Probably just as well; the way I was going, it would have involved poetic euphemisms. :shudder:

7 thoughts on “Prepping for nano – Sept. 25

  1. Yeah, delete the stuff you don’t like, but don’t throw it away. Cut it and then paste it in another folder…label it “junk stuff” or something. You’ll always know it’s there and who knows maybe you’ll want to salvage something. And hey, no sex till Chapter 13? That’s okay…make em wait! Build up to it with a bit of tease. Tease can be really hot and it definitely increases tension. I think you’re moving in a good direction. I feel the positive energy. I’m not kidding about that. I’m serious. You’re on the good track.

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