Rereading my 2008 novel

It’s very strange to be reading it again.

After I wrote it, I left it completely alone, as I generally can’t bear to read anything I’ve written, especially right after I wrote it. And between a number of moves and changes in computers (blindly transferring files as I went), I pretty much forgot all about it.

I found it again in 2012.  I read it and wondered who the author was; I couldn’t believe it had been me! Lol, I have a serious lack of confidence in my writing.

Anyway, here I am reading it yet again, as I post bits of chapters, because I want to see where it needs work, and where it starts to fall apart. My nano novels invariably fall apart, as the speed of writing gets in the way of quality control.

So far, so good. Bits of it are clunky, and it’s a slow build to the actual main story. Which is a thing I do (soooo sloooow), so be prepared. 🙂

The main thing I wanted to mention was that the story isn’t actually set in England. In order to create the ‘feel’ of a regency novel I used (am using, lol) England in the rough draft; eventually, I will change names and add info about the world setting. Until the main story is done, though, that would just distract me.

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