The best forum in NaNoWrimo

I know everyone who does Nano has a favourite, but I still think the Spork Room is the best*. I’d link, but the forums are reset every October**, so it wouldn’t work for long.

You’ll find it in Life During Nano > NaNoWriMo Ate My Soul.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering; why a spork? Well, here’s a quote from the obligatory opening post:

Some FAQs:

What IS a spork?
Simply: it’s a fork + spoon. 🙂

WHY a spork?
The combined spoon-fork=spork is a versatile choice of weapon: Three—sometimes more/less—points at the end offer great satisfaction for those inclined to jab-jab-JAB-STAB-POKE! * their annoying writing entities.

Its wide concave surface is perfect for those moments when you take a deep breath, collect your pent up frustrations/anger/etc, and let it rip as you swing the wide part at your literary foes! WHAP! SMACK! FWAP!Inverted, the convex curve is also suitable for scooping or ‘herding’ the writing entities (or otherwise) where you want them.

And lastly, when holding spork, strong and true and proud… it’s been reported that somehow—someway—people can’t resist to smile.

WHAT is a woobie?
/wuob-EE/ From the Greek Woobinus. -noun. Plural: woobies.

Any sort of snuggly something that offers comfort during times of stress. Made famous in the 1983 movie “Mr. Mom” starring Michael Keaton and Teri Gar. Often refers to a blanket that a child cannot part with under any circumstances. [Origin: bee_girl]

WHAT is a postzilla?
Sometimes the Sporky Force is strong, and it moves sporkers to take a little time and effort to sit down and reply to a long list of sporkers before him/her in one massive sporktastic post. Not required, especially when you’re trying to beat out a a 1.6K words daily, but many have reported awesome writing vibes and karma for trying it out, at least once 😉

If your novel is going well, they will cheer you on. If your novel is devolving into a mess, they will give you comfort, hugs, tissues, and encourage you to keep going. If your inner critic is making you feel like crap, they will help you spork it back into submission. If you give up completely, they will give you hugs and point out how awesome you arefor even trying.

Really, what could be better than that?


*I’m totally not biased at all.

**If they didn’t reset the forums, there would millions upon millions of posts from previous years.


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