NaNoWriMo: The Memoirs – 2008

For once, I had a good year! No family drama, no deaths, no crises, just regular life resuming.

Which is actually kind of a problem, in that I don’t remember it all that well. Nothing dramatic happened, so there just aren’t as many clear memories. Yay for me, boo for the memoirs.

So on to what I do remember.

2008 was the year I tried to be a full out writer. Which basically amounted to a few chapters of a book being written over several months before I once again gave up. My anxiety would keep interfering with my writing time, and I spent more time curled up and staring at the wall than I did writing.

So instead I spent a couple of months organizing and plotting my nano novel. That year I was writing a straight fantasy, set in a Victorian-esque world; a partial homage to Georgette Heyer and also to a recent rereading of Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold*.

I once again stayed up till midnight October 31st (I may have binged on too much candy), and wrote 400 words. Then I fell behind on the daily word count and didn’t really catch up till the end of the month.

I recall spending a bit of time in the Spork Room** at the forums, but in general the novel really just flowed and I didn’t spend a lot of time depressed. Admittedly, the Detail Demon struck again, and I probably got only a quarter into the story, but I did write all 50k words by November 30th.

I owed a lot to my MSN buddies for having wordwars again, though by the end I was down to one friend who was still writing, lol. I rather miss that messenger program; a ‘nudge’ made the window shudder, which was very eyecatching, so you didn’t miss when the time was up!

I remember feeling pretty pleased with myself. Four nanos, four wins! I felt like a nanowrimo expert***, able to leap huge word counts in a single bound. And my family had become resigned to having a limited amount of attention for a month; NaNoWriMo was no longer a passing fancy but a tradition in our lives.


*Which is also a homage to Heyer.

**A friendly place to despair over the crap you have written.

***I was so wrong.


5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: The Memoirs – 2008

  1. Jinxielynx says:

    My one attempt at a kinda historical romance-ish story wound up being hardcore cyberpunk lesbian romace*. 🙂
    I cannot stick to a preplanned theme to save my life.
    *I read it again a few weeks ago. Best described as: “well, that escalated quickly”

    Liked by 1 person

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