Patched up stories

I’ve been writing stories most of my life. I still have most of them, too; pre-computer* stories in stacks of boxes, the rest on various computers (and in the cloud).

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about some of those old stories, trying to either modernize them or figure out if they’re any good ‘as is’. Most need to be revamped on several levels, though one or two aged surprisingly well; not my writing of them, but the idea and plotline.

One in particular has been haunting me, a particular scene that I’ve remembered vividly over the years. The scene inspired a rather lengthy storyline. The problem is that the original plot is nothing I’d want to write anymore. What seemed absolutely awesome and fantastic at 13 is just plain ‘meh’ now. Like a lot of early works, it’s a pastiche of my then favourite authors**. More, a mesh of fanfiction and teen fantasy. It’s kinda cool, in a way, to see the development, but to try and write it now? No thanks.

And yet the scene still haunts me! Finally, as I was running errands for work, it occurred to me to take the scene out of the original plot entirely; the original didn’t have much to do with the scene, but had grown out of it via inspiration. Now I plan to let it inspire me in new directions.

I think I may have a contender for this year’s nanowrimo.


*I’m old enough that home computers weren’t common until I was in college, though part of that was where I lived (small rural town). 3½-inch floppy disks were still a thing.

**I’m too embarrassed to admit all of my teen favs now, I’ll own up to Robin McKinley (because she’s awesome) but that’s the only one I’ll mention, lol.


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