Last word on the Hugos

If you like science fiction and fantasy (but especially scifi), and you have a spare $40/35*, get a supporting membership for Worldcon. Not only will you be able to vote on nominees and the final ballot for the Hugos, they will give you a link to download all the nominees as a .PDF when they’re picked. I don’t know about you, but getting 2-5 stories in each category is easily worth the money. And if you want to vote, read ALL the nominees, and pick your favourites. Oh, and if you later decide you can make it to Helsinki for 2017, you can upgrade your membership to ‘attending’. Doesn’t get much easier than that (it’s almost like they want people to participate, or something).

I don’t care if you’re a Puppy, a scary Puppy, anti-Puppy, or neutral; the one benefit of the whole fuss has been a renewed interest in the Hugos and Worldcon, and though normally I just read about it to be amused, I’ve found I now like the idea of being involved. Though, to be honest, I really hated not being able to read all the things in 2014 and ’15; that’s a bigger motivation, lol.

EDIT: I forgot to add the info for 2016! Registration is here.


* Or if a loved one wants to get you a gift for a birthday or holiday.

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