Prepping for nano – Sept. 30

31 days! I can’t believe it’s coming up so soon, and I’m far too excited already, lol.

I have a very rough outline put together, which I printed up at work and forgot to save, so I’ll have to retype it. Sigh. But it’s an outline!

I’ve also been doing tiny tweaks to the 2008 stuff. I find it very easy to read it on the Wattpad site as I paste in the chapters, so I’ve been fixing the little stuff as I go. I’d like to get all the chapters I like into draft form there before I start this year’s nanowrimo; that way I’ll be well immersed in the story by the time November comes around. And the 2nd chapter keeps sitting in my brain, poking at me to fix it up. I may give in to the urge.

Speaking of urges, I’m going to have to make sure I have lots of coffee and tea stocked up for November; I’m a fan of hot caffinated drinks come the noveling month! And though I’m not a fan of pumpkin spice*, this made me laugh.


*cinnamon flavour, yes, squash flavour, no


Chapter 2 is up @ Wattpad

I decide that, errors and all, I would keep posting chapters; better to have it up, I guess, than to keep holding onto it.

So, with no modifications, no corrections and absolutely no editing, the next chapter is up at Wattpad.

****EDIT: I tweaked bits of chapter 2, including a name change; in the rush of nanowrimo, I’d forgotten what I’d named her elder brother and switched it. It’s now fixed to match the rest of the story.

Anxiety Perk #2

You laugh at people who merely double check their work. Hah, you say! Only twice? Amateurs.

On a more serious note, while this sort of thing can get out of hand, it does come in handy for the most part, as you catch the majority of the spelling and grammatical errors that the spellcheck program missed.

Short post bonus – a randomly chosen video from my favs:

Embrace your Mary Sue

Here’s a writerly heresy for you!

There’s nothing wrong with ‘Mary Sues’ that a couple of character flaws won’t fix.

The original problem* with the Mary Sue character was that she (or occasionally he) was too incredibly perfect. They got to be beautiful, brilliant, have the hottest lover(s) evah, and between bouts of heroism, had the most unbelievably perfect life.

Which is very boring to read about.

In reaction to this negative label, everyone very sincerely swore off writing too-perfect characters. We (might as well include myself here) would ask ourselves, is this a Mary Sue? What should I do to keep my MC more natural? Chastened writers began to write about much more ordinary and struggling characters.  Not a bad thing, since everyone prefers characters we can relate to, but the problem then became the fact that the characters were, by their increasingly mundane natures, unheroic. If your main character saves the day by accident, what exactly is driving the story? Constant internal waffling? Repetitive failures that somehow lead to an eventual win?

I’m so tired of goofy/klutzy/indecisive/low self-esteem main characters who can only just barely manage to save the day via some loophole in the story, just because the writer was too afraid her heroine might otherwise be dismissed as a Mary Sue.

Plus, we’re back to the fact that it’s all very boring to read about.

Fortunately, I’m seeing a return of heroines, who are akin to Mary Sues, but toned down a couple of notches to make them relatable. Heros should be slightly larger than life, should be capable of making the move to fix things, and having the power to back up their actions.


*There’s other stuff that went on with this too, but it’s more political-sociological, so I’m just going to leave it out for this post.

I hate being sick

When my brain is full of wool, the last thing I want to do is write anything. I hate feeling like I’m trying to think through a bunch of cotton candy, I can’t wait for it to end.

On the plus side, I thought of a new story idea. It even came with a title! On the downside, I can’t actually be sure it’s a good idea; it came via a dulled mind, so for all I know, it actually sucks. Time will tell.

I’m debating posting more of my 2008 novel, au naturel. Possibly with some sort of highlighting on the bad sections, just so my couple of readers know that I have seen the crap, noted it, and am going to fix it someday.  Just not right now.

Prepping for nano – Sept. 20

So I’ve been taking a few days off of writing and doing anything related to writing. Instead I watched TV, took at least one nap, and filled up my queue on tumblr with cute cats, adorable snakes, and anything else that caught my eye.

In other words, I avoided it.

On Friday I printed up chapter two of my 2008 nano because there are problems with it. There’s an exposition scene that probably worked fairly well 7 years ago, but given the bits of world building and plot development I’ve done since then, it is full of misinformation and goes off in the wrong direction.

I don’t want to post something so very off-kilter, so I decided to make a hard-copy and then I could look it over and do a quick fix. It wouldn’t be pretty, but it would be fixed.

Instead I did all the things I listed above. I know that there are problems with my 2008 novel, not the least of which is that it went off the rails back then (of which I’m getting an inkling of already in chapter two). There’s also all the changes in story I now want to make. I just have been having troubles getting motivated.