Prepping for Nano – August 31

So, writing during August completely bombed. I think I wrote a total of 400 words. Argh. And while that’s 400 more words than I would have otherwise written, it’s really disappointing.

Part of it was Holidays!!! but part of it was struggling to figure out what it was I really wanted to write. I’d start one thing but lose the idea, or else have an idea but avoid writing. And there was also the feeling of blah I often get after a successful November; apparently I can only steam ahead for so long before going numb, no matter how much or how little I write.

Now it’s almost September and again I’m torn. Do I give myself a decent writing goal and then hope I’m not too burnt out by the time NaNoWriMo rolls around? Usually I spend September and October prepping for it; outlining my top two or three story ideas, character creation, finding images that inspire me, etc. It’s a lot of fun, but I feel almost as though I’m letting myself down by not writing.

Which is a downward spiral, as always. Don’t write; feel bad about it; bad feelings make writing even harder.

I’m cautiously considering an absurdly tiny word goal for September. Like, 5,000 words tiny. That’s 167 words a day (or 10% of NaNoWriMo). And nothing for October, unless you count the words I’ll be writing in the Nano forums. Because I love the build up to Nano, and I refuse to give it up, lol. I’m also considering the revolutionary (for me, lol) idea of writing for a month, plotting/researching/prepping for a month, back to writing, and so on. It might be beyond me; will have to try and see.

62 days till NaNoWriMo!

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