Writing is therapeutic

It isn’t all that surprising, lol, but there’s a lot of anti-anxiety value to be had from writing.

If having a routine calms you, your writing routine can be a balm on your frazzled nerves.

I often feel like I’m reeling from stressor to stressor in life. Unexpectedly large bills, interactions with asshats, teen drama, weird phone calls, and random arguments, for a semi random example, all serve to distract and distress me. Even though I’m often able to deal with each thing well enough, it builds up the anxiety.

Knowing I can sit and write, just follow an outline or a detailed scene that’s played out in my head, has come to be a thing I find empowering. I can do this! I can do this and it is done Right! And even if it turns out different from the way I intended (as it so often does), I can still look at it and be pleased that the words were actually written and not just another pushed off dream (I am something of an expert at not doing stuff I enjoy).


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