Prepping for NaNoWriMo: it has begun

Now that the July camp is over, and while I’m still plodding away at that story, my brain is nevertheless turning toward the big question: What will I write come November?

I’m fairly certain I’ll want to take a break from the weird west story; I’ll probably want one before November, actually. Already some other partially written stories are popping up in my head, reminding me that they deserve to get written as well. So those are a possibility. However, I might end up working on one of those in September, so that still leaves NaNoWriMo open. Maybe.

I tend to like to start fresh in November, probably because the thrill of NaNo is like christmas for me*, and I keep having new ideas pop up in my brain**. Stories that have sat in my To Write list for years haunt me; maybe Story 25 should have it’s turn in the sun***? I’m going to have to pick soon though; I need the time to do research, plot, and find the mood of the story.

I’ll let it stew in my brain a bit longer; still have a ways to go and other things to write!


*What will I write? Will I win this year? Will it be good? Will it be funny? Will I get at least one scene right?

**Official term is plot bunnies.

*** To Write list is at 34 stories. Sigh. And that’s only the ones I have remembered to write down.

EDIT: It’s actually now 35 stories; I found another.


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