Fine lines: Part 1

One of the reasons I love to write is that I can control what happens in the story. Anxiety causes you to worry about things that you can’t control; other people’s feelings and actions, societal norms, stalkers, alien invasions, etc. So for me, being able to have complete control over a story relieves something inside me.

The downside of this is that I tended to become obsessed before I even started writing; obsessed with getting all the details right, obsessed with making something perfectly, obsessed with finding the perfect picture of the main character. Eventually I would come to a standstill because I was waiting for everything to come together. Sometimes I outline in so much detail that I’ve basically written the novel in point form and lose all interest in writing it as a story.

This isn’t very conductive to writing. Or anything except maybe being a star employee at the CDC.

So I’m learning to only give myself enough info to trigger my story, without using all of my interest and creativity in the research and development stage. This is hard. Incredibly hard! I will, if I’m not careful, gorge on wikipedia links* and deviantart**.

And the learning process has taken a really long time. Which makes me feel depressed. I just have to remind myself that at least I’m learning; everyone’s met the fools who never learn and never seem to want to.


*yes, wikipedia is crap, I know. I’m writing fantasy and soft scifi; crap is allowed so long as I don’t get technical.

**don’t steal. It’s cruel to the artists.


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