August 3rd update

This prologue thing is a lot of work! I hadn’t realized how many events had to take place to create the fictional U.S. I had set my story in. It’s been weird to write, too; I’ve never done an altered real world setting before, and so I had no idea how much stuff I would have to change until I was writing out what is essentially back-story. I now know why so many urban fantasies have the magical world hidden away from the mundane one; the sheer amount of changes in the world is staggering otherwise.

I am probably over thinking and overdoing this. How much explanation is really necessary? I just have to say, ‘this is the shape of the world’, and if folks have questions, then I’ll figure it out. Doing it now just takes away from the time spent writing the *actual* story.

I’ve wasted time on a map, too, lol. Gotta ‘see’ it, to understand what the heck I’m thinking.

I’m hoping to be done with this ‘prologue’ shortly; I want to get back to the real writing!


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