Inner editors suck

So as soon as I decided to start writing again, I found tonnes of interesting things to watch on tv*. Procrastination occurred, and so I entirely avoided using the computer as I didn’t want to feel the guilt too closely.

Today I’m finally writing again. And it’s hard. I’m trying to put together the prologue, as I said I would, and it’s not going well. Partly because I’m struggling with the words, and partly because when I see the basic background of things, it sounds stupid. Why am I writing this? Argh.

Still, I’m pushing on and writing it, and if it’s stupid, well, it’s stupid. It’s still the background for the story I’m writing.


*including Sharknado 3, which I recorded so I could see it in it’s full glory when I had time. And it was glorious, if you like tornadoes full of sharks, dumb dialogue, and over the top, super unbelievable things.

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